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Brick Wall

When brickwork begins to show signs of deterioration such as erosion, cracking & movement, there are many causes which Brickology can help diagnose.


Water ingress, lintel damage, direct impact and salt attack are the most common causes we come across in the industry. If left unattended, this can cause serious structural consequences.

Here at Brickology we offer a wide range of solutions. We work with you on remediating the best possible outcome as required, address effected areas whilst maintaining structural integrity and meeting safety & quality standards.


Arch bars and lintels are installed to support structures such as windows, doors and various openings. As they are generally constructed from steel, over time arch bars and lintels or known to rust and expand.

Moisture can penetrate lintels & arch bars that have not been galvanised as well as failed flashing's

causing rust and eventually structural damage.

 The corrosion of the steel will cause it to expand which may result in cracks to the surrounding brickwork, allowing water to penetrate the structure.

What To Look For?

  • Bowed bricks

  • Vertical corner cracks

  • Movement of brickwork

  • Efflorescence and staining

  • Mortar deterioration

  • Corrosion and expansion of Lintels

How Can We Help?

  • Re-pointing of deteriorated mortar

  • Replacement of rust effected Lintels to Australian safety standards

  • Reinstate salt effected, decayed bricks 


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