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Sydney's Concrete Cancer & Spalling Specialists


Concrete Cancer & Spalling Services

Concrete cancer is generally diagnosed in aged buildings and homes with low quality waterproofing, building defects, salt-water chlorides for buildings near the sea, weather, poor quality concrete, insufficient concrete cover and incorrect placement of steel reinforcements which can accelerate the process of concrete cancer.

When moisture is present in concrete, the steel supports begin to rust and deform the slab to create a spalling effect. Hi-rise apartments and multi-storey complexes in coastal areas are prone to more devastating effects, as the ocean air speeds up the process of rust due to high moisture and salt content.


When it comes to concrete cancer, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The best repair option depends on your building materials and the extent of damage. Regardless of whether the damage is severe or moderate, waterproofing and comprehensive sealing after the repair is important to minimise the risk of concrete cancer reoccurring.

Brickology Remedial Building specialises in outstanding  waterproofing, concrete cancer and spalling solutions. We’re committed to providing the highest quality guaranteed materials to solve a range of waterproofing and engineering issues.

What To Look For When Diagnosing Concrete Cancer

  • Cracking or crumbling concrete

  • Bubbling in concrete render

  • Surface rust stains emerging from the concrete/cement render

  • Water leaking from cracks and overhead concrete structures

  • Roof leaks or leaks in internal walls

  • Concrete expanding outwards


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